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Friday, May 8, 2015

Be Still

    With the help of wonderful family and very good friends, I have arrived at an age that many thought, and with good reason,  I would never see. I have, for the most part, lived life on my terms. Bad judgment accounts for what small amount of good judgment I now have. I have tried to rely on myself to handle whatever life has thrown my way. I believed I could find a way over, under or around anything. But I was wrong.
 There are times when storms hit us, devastating storms, that are more than we can possibly overcome on our own. Even the best friends and loyal family are at a loss. When pure evil, the 'Roaring Lion', attacks we are helpless on our own. I was beaten, broken and afraid. Never had I been so defeated.
 There is however hope for those broken in spirit and heart. Promises from The One who cannot lie.
That is how I live now, one day at a time, trusting.
His time is different from ours, we are impatient. He is steady and sure.
This life, with its trouble, is only temporary.
Be of good courage! Be at peace. Believe Him when He says:

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