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Friday, August 26, 2011

Somewhere in America

"Charlie, is that you?"
Sweat in my eyes and running off my nose, I was stopped cold in my tracks. I was out for what has become a pleasant ritual of walking several mornings each week, schedule allowing, when out of the blue..."Charlie is that you?"
It was a handsome couple about my age that were certain they had found 'Charlie'. A quick conversation ensued with me assuring them that 'I' was not who they thought. I so hated to disappoint, they seemed like such nice people. For a second the thought of confessing to be Charlie crossed my mind, but the details would have been very stressful, so that quickly passed.
According to them I was not only an exact copy of the now famed Charlie, but that I even walked like him. My response was something to the effect of, 'You know they say everyone has a twin'.  They agreed and once again we were off in opposite directions around the mile long circumference of the park.
Then my mind began to ramble, as it often does. I wonder if Charles really does look like me? Lucky dog.
On my final lap as I approached Charlies friends I heard myself say....
"You know I'm going to call my wife today, and tell her about Charlie. She's not going to believe there's another guy as good looking as me, somewhere in America."