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Monday, May 12, 2014

Love in the Fast Lane

“You’re gorgeous.”
Not a typical greeting at a fast food drive through lane.

She was a moderately attractive young woman in her 20’s. Had I heard her correctly? Then, there it was again: “You ARE gorgeous!” Having recently turned 60 this was quite a shock. I hadn’t heard those specific words in nearly …..Well ever.
I was flattered, confused but flattered. Time seemed to stand still, all of this occurring in seconds, but seeming like minutes.
I leaned forward, ever so slightly, to provide her a better view.
Her eye contact was a little vague but I was the one, right there in front of her. It was as if I could feel warm, moist breath on my neck, a hand pressing down upon my knee….she could use some Listerine.

“What’s his name?” the young maiden inquired.  My name? yes, uh, His name? Who’s’ name? Then my dog poked his nose into my peripheral view.  “UH, Buddy, His name is Buddy.”  I stammered.
“Well he is absolutely gorgeous!”
How easily and quickly we forget that we have grown old. Old physically and yet remain young in spirit.

‘There’s no fool like an old fool’ I often repeat.
But there are also those reminders; when we glance in a mirror, attempt to bend down for the smallest task and then of course, for me, a short trip down ‘Love in the Fast Lane.’