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Friday, March 30, 2012

Follow Your Heart

Doing what we love. Time is lost, the hours fly, our coffee gets cold in the cup. We are in the flow.
I think most of us have experienced that at some time. Music, writing, for you left brainers perhaps a perfectly summed column of digits, Ugh! I could barely type that one. Whatever your personal passion, you are following your heart’s desire. 
Well sorry that’s not what this ‘Ramble’ is about. ;-)

Let’s talk about a giving heart. Many of us wish to give to others, our time, our money, ourselves. A noble calling, but in the day to day of job, school, kids, dogs, cats, mowing the lawn, paying the bills, taking out the trash, pressure from all around….we begin to feel that there is nothing left to give. We are worn out, drained, pooped. I have personally been there on more than one occasion, with pitiful results of which I am ashamed.
One example we are given, that in order to best help someone else we must first care for ourselves, is the one the flight attendant leads. You know the one, ‘In the unlikely event of…. (insert your personal mental image of plummeting towards the earth from 35 thousand feet) …put on your own oxygen mask first.’ I suppose the first time flier might balk at this suggestion and feel that would be a rather self centered, self serving act of cowardice. (I get so dramatic at times) My rambling mind has also led me to think that perhaps being unconscious during this event might not be all that bad, but I am rambling here.

I think there is an even stronger example of the fact that it is not only a good idea, but essential we tend to our needs, first.
I was watching Dr. Oz a while back. An episode pertaining to heart health, in which the good Dr. made the following statement. ‘The first organ your heart pumps blood to is……drum roll, itself.

In the grand design of our physical selves is the evidence that to care for others best, we must first care for ourselves. Our heart knows that to continue it’s ‘day to day’, to truly care for us in the best possible way, it must first replenish, nourish and fulfill its essential needs.

So perhaps you’re feeling a bit drained by all your responsibilities, with the day to day dragging you down. Reflect for a moment. Could you be more effective, more caring, a better giver, if you only had a bit more to give? Could some meditation time, a good hot soak, a walk in the woods or an hour with your favorite book, serve to recharge your battery and give you the energy to help those on your list today, in a greater way? Hey you are the one to answer that question. The best advice I can give is:

Follow your heart.