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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

In a funk...

2020 is history. Things are looking better, but I find myself in a funk. Perhaps a late response to last year and its duration. Whatever the reason, my activities have suffered.  Things I relied upon to be happy, to feel good have been unsatisfactory. 
I did not feel like getting out today, but yesterday I committed to mailing a book to a fine, young person.  This commitment, this promise, spurred me to act. You see my goal of giving 50 books this year is something that I have been using as a catalyst for feeling good and spreading joy.
Leaving the post office my spirt was lifted as I headed for a favorite dining place.
Great food and beverages are seldom my reason for visiting. Today was no different as delightful conversation being the special of the day. These unique and caring servers have become like family.

Unaware that even more was in store, I bid these special friends good evening and was out the door.
Next to the curb was a Mini-Van.
An elderly couple looking questioningly at the front door.
She, in the passenger seat, appeared to be asking me something.
As I approached them, I could hear her ask "Are they open?"
She had a stick-on name tag that read: "Patient."
He also wore one: "Visitor."
Their story developed in my mind.

"YES, they are open and have great food!"
Without thought I asked:
"Would you like me to help you inside?"
In a relived voice He immediately said, "Yes, that would be great!"
Banter between she and I consisted of, "now, she had to buy" and "I, was trying to get on steady as their doorman."
Her gait was unsteady and teetered side to side. As we entered, the darkness revealed that she had trouble seeing.
Both servers magically 'appeared', and we had a convenient table just inside the front door.
So, why do I share this day of being in a funk?
I have discovered a Funk Remedy. 
Get up and get out, if you can.
If not spread something good with someone who might enjoy and need your attention that day.
Surround yourself with people you love, either in person, on the phone or by message.
And help someone if you can. Best if it's a person that you may never see again.
Why do I recommend this??
Because my Funk is gone.
Helping, sharing, doing for others is possibly one of the most selfish things we can do, because the undeniable returns are automatic...the fulfilling feelings are immediate and actually unexplainable. 
Guess Mom and Dad were right.
Giving is better than receiving. 
Wonder where they got that?

As a side note: I now work 3 nights a week as the host, here.