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Friday, November 20, 2009


Having just experienced our first snowfall of the '09-'10 season, my thoughts returned to last December .

A Californian for the past few decades, my sister has lost actual remembrance of what winter is like. She relishes the rare snow flurry they get in the high desert.

Back to Christmas lights and carols, Currier and Ives scenes and the Noelco guy riding the electric razor over the snow covered hills, her memories blissfully drift.

Last December she took pen and recorded one of these varnished memories during a California snow.

Following is her account of this event. Below that, is my mid-western rebuttal.

Guess it is one of those things we will have to agree to disagree....

Love you Sis!

The Snow Fell

by: Alana Pratt

The snow fell
and it was magical…
I felt like a child again.
I ran from window to window
Wanting to take it all in.

The snow fell
and it was magical…
Flakes so lovely and white,
I awoke to the wonder of it,
It continued into the night.

The snow fell
and it was magical…
It took me to days long passed,
of growing up in a simpler time,
when the pace was not so fast.

The snow fell
and it was magical…
But what about those without mirth,
whose lives are affected by hatred and war?
I prayed for peace on earth.


The Snow Fell

a rebuttal from the mid-west.
by Marc Johnson

Then snow fell
it was tragical
Oh no, not this shit again.
I ran from window to window.
Why did it have to begin?

The snow fell
it was tragical
Flakes and drifts, what a fright.
I awoke to the plight if it.
It must have snowed all damned night.

The snow fell
it was tragical.
It took me to days long since passed.
When I was a but little guy
with snow clear up to my ass.

The snow fell
it was tragical.
And what about those without mirth?
I figure they're getting this same shitty storm.
What a vacation down south would be worth.