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Thursday, September 8, 2011

To Appreciate Old Things

"Will this be for here or to go?" :she asked.
"Here please. I'll have a broccoli/cheese potato, the chicken sandwich with no mayo and a water." :was my reply.
beep, beep, beep..... "And I'll put your discount on here....." beep. "That will be"......
well, I don't remember exactly how much it totaled as my mind was struggling with the discount. Of what discount did she speak? Had I ordered a daily special?
I gathered my purchase along with the essential plastic eating instruments, a couple of napkins and a straw.
Discount?? Hum...?
I chose a seat near a window with a view and sat down to enjoy my meal. There on the tray was my reciept. I adjusted my bi-focals and read,
Senior discount 10%! (exclamation point added for effect)
It seems only yesterday that I was asked for my ID when making a purchase at an adult entertainment center. Yet here I was the reciepient of a 10% discount which I had not requested.

Just recently, on one of my walks,  I had been thinking that, 'to appreciate old things, perhaps one must be old.'
I had seen a date that had been stamped in the sidewalk, 9-'39. How many thousands of people had this side walk seen and helped along on their journeys? It was in remarkable condition for all the years of weather, walking and wear it has endured. And to the craftsman...what skill and dedication to his trade to have created a work that would last and serve all these years. Just a few steps further and I watched as an older couple slowly, oh so slowly, made their way along another section of this pathway. He with a cane, she with a supporting arm. When did their rolls change? I'm certain he was once young, strong and verile, the one upon whom she relied. Time has taken a toll and yet they press on, together.

When I was younger, these things would not have occured to me. I was much too consumed by my own agenda. However as we age we begin to understand what it takes to become old. The trials, the weather, the miles, the wins and the losses. And with time comes patience ( I wish this one would hurry up), understanding, compassion and appreciation. In a "The greatest of these!"

And now I smile, as I remember these things. I hope you smile too.

As I left the dining establishment, I noticed an older gentleman in a booth near the door. He was alone and had fallen asleep. I felt a kinship, with him.
I was smiling then too, wondering if he got his discount.

Drag your thoughts...

"Drag your thoughts away from your the ears,
by the heels or any other way you can manage it."  
~ Mark Twain