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'Ramblings'...'Meanderings' really does sum up what you may find here. A short story, a quote or something philosophical all with very little organization.

It is my hope, that with your interaction, we can experience life more fully through ideas, thoughts and questions. You see working together we are all smarter than each of us individually. And thanks, sincerely thank you for sharing your most valuable asset, time, with me as we Ramble and Meander through these pages.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Now known as...

Success; We talk about it often. Each individual has an idea what it should look like. It means something a little different to each of us.
I woke this morning and a unique thought was drifting in my foggy noggin.
But, let's go back, back a couple of days in my experience.
In this short period I have both seen, in others, and experienced what I now believe to be one of the best ways to hear your success.
You are being introduced to someone. Your name somehow has become an unimportant factor in this introduction.
The introduction begins: "I want you to meet" or "This is...." now here's where it gets really good, your name is never mentioned!!
"This is (enter your child's name and then "mom" or "dad").
This is Sallys' mom!
BOOM! There it is!!
You are now known as your child's parent. They now have Top Billing! Their name has become a key to who you are, an identifying factor.
You have just heard your success.
What more can a parent wish for, what greater claim to success than raising a happy and fulfilled child.
Listen for it.
Relish your new title.
I think you will enjoy the sound.

Monday, March 4, 2024

My Kid's in town...

 My Kids in town. It's a working vacation for her. We have gone to a concert staring Lorrie Morgan. Morgan Spears opened for her. Awesome talent and beautiful vocals and music. Catch them on the road if you can!!

Tonight we are at a housewarming party for a cherished friend. 25 years old and she has bought her first home, on her own!! We are beyond proud of her dedication and hard work and discipline to accomplish this. We celebrate her this evening! You are a Rock Star Hailey. 

It has been said that the true proof of success in life is when your children turn out to be good people. Tonight, I am a successful parent. Her mother probably made more contributions to this than I, but I have the horn tonight, so toot toot!!

A young child, tonight, had lost something that she valued in the yard as they played. My daughters' heart was touched, going back to when she was a child and how deeply such events crushed her young spirit. How could she reach and relate with this broken heart?

She quickly decided to give something of value to this child. To her purse she ventured and came back with a compact that belonged to her deceased mother. 

"A child should have her own mirror to see her reflection and learn to be grateful for who she is and how much potential she has," were the thoughts she expressed. 

This child doesn't fully understand the gift she has been given. Perhaps someday she will remember and comprehend the meaning and love in this act.

I am a proud and grateful man tonight. 

My life has not been completely in vain. To pass on this feeling of love and care to a child is a great legacy, in my opinion. 

What are the meaningful moments in your life? Are you aware of them? Are you watching for them? They just may appear at the most unlikely times. Don't miss the blessings.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Out and about. Observation #2

 Number: 2? 

Perhaps this will become a short series...🤔 perhaps not. 🥴

I'm out to dine this evening at a family owned Mexican restaurant. Great place. Delicious food, excellent service and such fun Margaritas. 

As I had mentioned in series # 1. I have long been a people watcher. This is an extention of that proclamation. I'm still creeping around snooping..😉

I have also previously mentioned that I am not a preachy kinda guy. My sordid past makes me feel much too unqualified. However, I am a Believer. I also respect your right to choose whatever you choose to or not to believe.

I have a point here and it's getting close. My ADD has taken a side trip..

I am seated in a corner booth. As I face straight ahead I can see the occupants of the next 3 booths...boothes, Boothe, boothezs..

The one closest to me is a family of 3. 

As I glance up from my food I notice that this family of 3 all have their heads bowed, silent. Such a seldom seen public display of reverence was my 1st thought. 

I went back to eating for just a second....I look up again....

Then the 2nd thought, more of an awakening... they had just been on their phones.

There is no judgment here. How often this could have been me. However, once you lose the opportunity to gaze across the table at someone, or someones you love, then it becomes painfully aware at how precious and priceless those moments are. Whether missing an occasion to be thankful as a family or a moment to say, "you are the most important thing in my life. I do it all for you." Make sure they know. Remind them daily. Doubts creep in many times a day. Never let them wonder. Does he still love me? Am I still his number one?

Please be aware and tell them while the time is available. You will never regret it.

Oh yes, and don't just say it. Words are cheap and plentiful. Websters is chock full of them. "Action" is the key word.  Show them in dozens of small ways. Acts of kindness and service mean more than all the yammering you can come up with.

But please don't forget to say it. While doing those little acts would be the perfect time.

From Out and About its The Rambler. Out!

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Out and About

 I am a people watcher. Have been for years. 

A few years ago I became a widower, almost 9 now. My desire to get out diminished substantially. I've been working on that. I have  taken a part time position as a restaurant host and am genuinely enjoying the social interaction and the lovely people that I work with.

I recently had reason to travel towards the nearby city and figured while out that I would go a couple of places that I had been thinking of...ones I used to frequent...frequently. 

1. A dining establishment. 

2. A shoe store. 

3. Barnes and Noble (no sponsorship) 

4. A sporting goods store.

Coffee and browsing were my primary destination at B&N. It had been a favorite destination for my wife and I. While it was enjoyable, it was not the same. May never have those exact feelings again. But never is a long, long time. 

Was it those feeling that made me notice, as I left, how unaware and  uninvolved couples were of their partners?

 Such missed opportunities to practice, display and exercise their love. How late in life I have made this a study. I wish that I had known, in time.

I share my thoughts to hopefully help others be more awake and aware to their chances. To be cognizant of how blessed they are to still have time. We can get more of almost everything...except time. Time is life. Life is opportunities.

I hope that you will choose to invest your time, invest your life, in the things, better yet the people, that matter to you the most. It is a discipline that you will never regret.

"Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons." ~ Jim Rohn

I recently read that:

Love is not just a feeling. 

Love is a practice. 

Get good at it!

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

It's been a minute.

 As the above title, and the Kids say, it Has been a minute.

I've been waiting for inspiration, mood, or lightning strike to get me moving. Alas, here I sit.

So, with no inspiration.....lets go.

A topic I always find useful, and uplifting is Gratitude. We tend to find things we look for, or focus our attention on, and what we intentionally think about. I've found it very difficult to be sad, mad, or bad when I'm being grateful.

Gratitude is like a light, a beacon, that shows us the gifts over which we have been allowed stewardship. The more diligently we care for these and express our appreciation, I think, the more we will discover.

Look for the proverbial pony. Perhaps, he is hiding in the tall grass that you have yet to mow. Ugh, the grass.... but what about the light of gratitude? What if we were to be thankful for the grass, the good health we enjoy that allows us to mow it and the new pony to help keep it looking beautiful? Shine your light on that!

I love quotes.

"With gratitude, optimism is sustainable."                                                                                                                                               - Michael J. Fox   Wow!

Sustainable optimism! Such an excellent endeavor.

Look for the good, the great is near there, somewhere. I heard that excellent is just over the sunny rise. It's going to be a beautiful journey. 

Come on, won't you go with me?