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Monday, March 4, 2024

My Kid's in town...

 My Kids in town. It's a working vacation for her. We have gone to a concert staring Lorrie Morgan. Morgan Spears opened for her. Awesome talent and beautiful vocals and music. Catch them on the road if you can!!

Tonight we are at a housewarming party for a cherished friend. 25 years old and she has bought her first home, on her own!! We are beyond proud of her dedication and hard work and discipline to accomplish this. We celebrate her this evening! You are a Rock Star Hailey. 

It has been said that the true proof of success in life is when your children turn out to be good people. Tonight, I am a successful parent. Her mother probably made more contributions to this than I, but I have the horn tonight, so toot toot!!

A young child, tonight, had lost something that she valued in the yard as they played. My daughters' heart was touched, going back to when she was a child and how deeply such events crushed her young spirit. How could she reach and relate with this broken heart?

She quickly decided to give something of value to this child. To her purse she ventured and came back with a compact that belonged to her deceased mother. 

"A child should have her own mirror to see her reflection and learn to be grateful for who she is and how much potential she has," were the thoughts she expressed. 

This child doesn't fully understand the gift she has been given. Perhaps someday she will remember and comprehend the meaning and love in this act.

I am a proud and grateful man tonight. 

My life has not been completely in vain. To pass on this feeling of love and care to a child is a great legacy, in my opinion. 

What are the meaningful moments in your life? Are you aware of them? Are you watching for them? They just may appear at the most unlikely times. Don't miss the blessings.