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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Come on Cowboy, Let's Ride

We are born into greatness, we are conditioned into mediocrity.”

What were your dreams as a child? Did you dream of becoming a Fireman, a Doctor, a Nurse, an Astronaut or a Cowboy? You could be and do anything when you were a child. Then life and all of its advisors began to influence our thoughts and then our beliefs, many of these advisors were well meaning and wanted to save us from disappointment and the harsh realities of life. Slowly we began to subscribe to the idea that life is unfair and we really can’t become any of those terrific things we had so fervently believed in our youthful games.
“Anything the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Hill is one of the most acclaimed success authors of modern day. He spent 20 years studying the lives of the day’s most successful people and this quote is the essence of his findings.
I have a question for you. Actually I have more than one.
What if Hill is right? What if we dream and envision something because we have within us the ability to accomplish exactly that of which we dream? Wow! To me that is exciting stuff, how ‘bout you?
Perhaps our well meaning advisors had just bought into someone else’s lack of belief. There is evidence that life is unfair, if that’s what you look for. However the polar opposite is also true. “If you search you will find...” the ancient text says. So what are you searching for?
Perhaps a better description or definition is that, ‘Life is impartial.’ You see disappointments and difficulties are not reserved just for the poor, or for you.
We all struggle with them from time to time.
Let’s play a game. Like when we were kids. No holds barred, full on, as if anything is possible.
Now with our childlike faith in place, fast forward to today. Life has been wonder-filled and today you are living Your Perfect Day! Remember, everything is possible.
With whom would you share this Perfect Day?
Where would you wake up?
Would you be on an exotic beach by the sea, a crystal clear lake, or high in the mountains?
What is your house like, what and how many vehicles are in the driveway, and what colors are they?
What season is it, sunny or rainy…perhaps you are snuggled in your log cabin, fireplace crackling while the blizzard whistles just outside your window?
Will you be writing a check to your favorite charity, today? If so, to whom and for what amount?
What are the sights the sounds and the smells? Live this day in full color.
So why would I ask you to take this imaginary trip, to Your Perfect Day?
Well you just might be surprised to find that many of the elements of Your Day already exist.
Do we express gratitude for what we already have or do we tend to fo-cuss on what we lack?

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." ~William Arthur Ward

The more we appreciate and express our thankfulness the more we will find to be grateful for. Remember the searching deal? Put the text to the test and see for yourself. Science now supports these findings with what is called the ‘Observer Effect.’ It is a Quantum Physics principle, that states: ‘We find what we look for.’
So it is a choice that we each must make. How do we wish to spend and invest these days which will be called our lives? What do we wish to find?
I invite you to post Your Perfect Day on this blog, as an expression of your gratitude.
As we each share our individual Days we can, collectively, find additional things that we might not have come up with on our own. All of us are better than each of us.
Share your ideas. What do you find exciting and fulfilling? Are there some goals that need to be set to take us closer to the ultimate vision we have for our lives? Get sparkling clear on what Your Perfect Day will look like, so you will recognize it when it arrives.
“If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up someplace else.”
~ Yogi Berra

Crank up the Firemans siren.
Blast off in your rocket ship.
Dream like a kid again…
Come on Cowboy, Let’s ride!!