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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Personal Development?

I have been a student of life and personal development for a long, long time.
If I would have made the progress that I desire, I should not have to verbalize that.
But alas, my development is painfully slow.
When I share a Philosophical Meandering it is more for my growth and contemplation than yours. I, in no way consider myself a teacher. When I share my thoughts on paper it forces me to clarify and distill my ideas. To use an economy of words is my goal. My thoughts are just that, my thoughts, nothing more.
So why bother with personal growth? Why do I personally choose to spend my time in this venture?
We each have plenty to keep us busy, without adding to our list. We have gutters falling off the house, the car breaks down, the dog needs to go to the vet, again, the ferret is trying to eat the bird, and the grass needs cut. The bills have to be paid, more time needs paid to the family, trash pickup is on Tuesday, the mail box is falling off the post, Oops, time to go to work, and on and on life goes. (Deep sigh)
Why, on earth, would we try to squeeze in one more task?
For me it is a choice. Hey for each of us it is.
Life is packed full of negatives. Often they are likened to weeds in a garden. Without care and attention (disguised as work and dressed in overalls) the weeds overtake the garden in rather short order. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? But that’s the way it is. So, our choice is to cuss the weeds and their choking effect on our lives, or we can go to work to make our lives the beautiful gardens they are meant to be.
I have enough natural negative so to cuss the weeds would only add to my lengthy list.
I have found when in the dirt wrestling those weeds that I am much happier than when lounging around allowing them to grow.
You see I can belly ache and complain with the best.
How unfair life is, how lousy my work can be, the bills, the traffic, the state of the economy, the corrupt government, the criminal element and much of this is brought to me free of charge, in the daily news. When I allow myself to fall into this pit, I feel weak, vulnerable, and small, like a victim, helpless and trapped. Sometimes I think I could walk under a snake with my hat on. Does any of this ring a bell or strike a chord, with you?
However when I’m digging for those positive thoughts, when I’m reading the inspiring story of one who took his/her garden to the limit, then I too am filled with spirit, encouraged and powerful.
The more we look for the good stuff the more we find. That is also true of the bad. Each camp can provide endless examples proving their point. And I guess that is my point. What do you want to find?
This by the way is a Quantum Physics principal, called The Observer Effect.
Years ago in Brussels, Belgium scientists were having a little get together to discuss whether energy manifest itself as waves or particles. As they looked through high powered microscopes the wavers would see waves, the particlers, particles. Finally one of the wavers talked a particler into looking for waves. And as he began to look for waves, where he had just seen particles, the waves appeared to him. The result is the QP principal of The Observer Effect. We get what we look for! What do you want to find?
To have a beautiful garden we must do more than just root out the weeds (turn off the news). Our garden needs fed and fertilized, with great books and audios, with the encouragement of those who strive for their own exquisite life. The late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said: “In five years you will be the same person you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet.” That statement made me take a look.
Hey I am not advising the ‘Ostrich approach’ to life. We can stay informed without being inundated.
I believe, however, that all my worrying, cussing and handwringing, will not improve the condition of a child half way around the world. It only serves to make me less in the moment. If, in this case you choose to make a donation to help in such cause that wonderful. It’s the emotional drain of which I speak.
Let me be clear. I do care about the children of this world, the crime and violence, but the majority of that is outside my realm of influence. I can have little, to no, effect on those situations. But through my personal growth my circle of influence will expand and in turn I will be in a position of strength to help and serve more and more people.
So how do you want to feel each day? Shall we spend our limited days mired, wallowing in the stress of the world, or basking in the warm sun light as we tend to this spectacular garden we call life?
Changing the direction of our lives will happen in an instant. Deciding to change can take years.
It is simply our choice.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


When I sit down to write one of my Philosophical Meanderings, a sense of unworthiness most times engulfs me. Who am I to be spouting all this positive stuff? You see I know me better than anyone, and sometimes it just ain’t pretty. Then I find myself at the keyboard, once again, attempting to put my rambling thoughts on paper.
I have hidden, or at least think I have, the depth of my feelings of lack. There were times in my life when I would find it hard to address someone by their first name if it was the same as mine. Man could a shrink have a hay day with that one. So you see these ‘meanderings’ really put me on the spot, in the spot light. That can be a pretty hot and revealing locale. It is much easier to live life in the shadows, just off stage, but we don’t grow much in the dark.
So here I am again, hat in hand.
I think there is a difference between self-esteem and self-worth.
To me self esteem is our belief in our ability to perform a certain task, that we are intelligent, or that we are attractive. Get the idea?
Self worth is coming to the place where we sincerely like ourselves, and where we believe we are good people who deserve love. Now I said good not perfect. That’s not happenin’. We’re not talking about bragging or becoming egotistical, rather a healthy sense of worth.
At times it may seem like things are actually getting worse on our journey.
That may be a good sign.
“Just when our lives are starting to get better, we may feel things are getting worse, because for the first time we see clearly what needs to be done.” –Dan Millman
Dan goes on to say that the irony of self worth is that those who are sincerely trying to improve may feel less worthy because of the high standards to which they hold themselves. Those with lower standards, less vision or sensitivity don’t have to measure up to much. They may even seem to manifest more self-esteem.
Those on the journey will recognize their faults and short comings and may have difficulty in understanding it is an important part of their growth.
So when it seems the harder you try the worse it gets, If you see more wrong now than you did last week, Hang in there baby. Great things may be just over this next hill. Who knows what magnificent view may be waiting for you, just around the corner.
‘It's always darkest just before the dawn.’
Is that a rooster I hear?

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.

In the Beat of a Tiny Heart

Habits; they shape our lives.
If we develop good ones, life tends to run somewhat smoother. Or so I’m told.
Bad habits can make for a little more interesting and challenging existence.
In a hell of a mess, that’s where they can get you. Read on.
Of all the bad habits (plural, I know it’s hard to believe) I have cultivated over the years, one towers over the others.
It only stands to reason and I’m not trying to anal-lies or justify, but having spent the larger years of my life in the company of truck drivers, rodeo cowboys and railroaders it should be understandable that colorful language has been a vice of choice.
This was a habit at which I had become quite proficient, eloquent and fluent, my 2nd language. In younger days I had actually taken great pride at the effortless and entertaining manner of my banter.
Alas, as I have aged (Oh how I wanted to say matured) I have lost my zeal for this ally of old. The pleasure, the satisfaction, of a well-crafted spew of goo has faded.
If I had a magic wand or perhaps ‘thee three wishes’ this would be my 1st correction.
I was given fair warning…many years ago, a warning that my oratory skills might not always be appreciated. If only I had heeded that warning. But then what would I be writing about this evening? So, what the hell! ;-)
The event of record is from my ‘rodeo era.’ The specifics escape me, but something had triggered one of my frequent ventures into the arena of ‘colorful language expertise’.
My audience that day consisted of (I hate to admit this one) my brother’s youngest daughter, my 4 year old niece. Our habits become so strong that they sometimes, most times, are not a matter of our choosing, in the moment. Could sure have used that magic wand!
So…something happened and my 2nd language sprang to life.
The exact verbiage I cannot recall, only that the ambient air was a stormy shade of violet.
You know how good 4 yr olds are at questions? Why this? How come that? Are we there yet? This child was no exception, yet exceptional.
“Uncle Moik? How come you cuss so much?” her innocent voice etched forever on my memory.
Quick on my feet, I was a bullfighter you know. I had the answer to this one. She was only 4. The power of reason was my angle.
“Well you see Rebecca my cussing has become a habit.” using my best ‘uncle in a jam’ voice.
Man this kid has got some eye contact.
I dug the hole deeper as I continued to ramble in my ignorance. (Note to self: Never reason with a 4yr old)
“And you see a habit is like breathing. You do it without thinking. You can’t stop breathing now, can you?”
There that should do it!!
Then with only a moment of hesitation, in the beat of a tiny heart, she replied:
“You can hold your breff sometimes.”

‘This one’s for you, Rebecca.’