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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Do something for yourself

I seldom (never) leave the house without having to go back inside after something. There is something magical about the walk from the front door to the front seat that stimulates memory neurons. However this morning the magic was slow to occur and I was 3 miles down the road when I remembered I forgot.... my cell phone. Luckily I had taken my morning heart medication so the palpitations did not result in cardiac arrest. With hands trembling from immediate with drawl symptoms I continued on my journey to the local cafĂ© for breakfast. Then images began rushing through my head of fellow diners staring at me doing nothing. With no electronic device to peer into, what would I do until my food arrived? Courage summoned I proceeded to the restaurant.
"Coffee and water please."
With the rest of my order placed I began to glance around at the other patrons. None seemed to be aware of my nakedness. I was about to relax when a clatter from two tables away startled me. It was a cutting crisp bacon too close to the end of your plate so the other end jumped up and clattered back onto the table while you made more noise trying to catch everything that was now in motion kind of clatter.
As I glanced that direction I saw an older gentleman, also, dining alone. Upon his head a WWII veterans cap. My imagination went to a time before I existed. A young soldier saying good bye to his family, perhaps a sweetheart. What unknown dangers and fears had this man endured? Because of sacrifices of this nature we live in a nation that is, for the most part, free.
I wanted to thank him.
I hurried with the remainder of my meal and made my way to the waitresses station next to the kitchen. I explained what I wished to do. She smiled and replied: "We can make this happen." My plan with her now in place, I paid for my meal and his.
I gave her a note I had hand written:
Please allow me the honor of buying your breakfast.
Your service has allowed me to live in a Nation that is free.
With my sincere gratitude.
The waitress was not to let him know who this was from, simply give him the note.

I hesitated, for a moment, in my truck parked across the street. In my rear-view mirror, I saw our Veteran emerge and you know I believe his shuffled gate was just a bit quicker, his head a bit higher...and I think mine is too.

Do something for yourself.
This, I believe, is the very best way.


  1. Here is a question for the readers. Do you think I would have made these observations had I been staring at my cell phone? Any ideas of things you might miss when you are logged on? Just food for thinkin'.....

  2. Great Post Marc... and what a wonderful selfless thing to do. To answer your question, no, I don't think you would have noticed the Veteran's cap, or been inspired to act as you did if you were tethered to the world through your cell phone, as we so often are these days. I hope everyone who reads your story takes it as a challenge to be more observant and kinder to those around us; family, friends, and strangers alike. I know I will. Coincidently, I’m leaving in the morning for an area beyond my phone’s data reception range, so there will be nothing new on my screen to stare at until after Labor Day!

  3. Thanks again for another thought provoking post. I agree with Randy, you probably would NOT have been aware of the old bet had you been immersed in your cell phone. I can totally relate to your "terror" at leaving the house without your phone, and admire you for the "bravery" you showed in going on to the restaurant without it. I would definately have turned around, and would have missed the wonderful opportunity you experienced this morning.

  4. that should read, old VET, not old BET!!