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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Dad,

Dear Dad,
It’s been a long time since we’ve talked, too long.  Guess we can’t help that.

It’s Fathers day again. A day to say thanks for everything you dads have done for us. I know I didn’t say it enough, when I could. I’ve realized a lot of things like that since you’ve been gone, stuff you showed me when you were here. But stuff I took for granted or just missed in my youth. You know… the really important stuff like treating people with love, and making sure to put God ahead of everything. And you were the best at showing, not preaching. Yeah, you were the best at that. And I loved your phrases. When you were teaching me to work at a steady pace you’d say: “Don’t go at it like you’re killin’ snakes.” Or to get me to do some thinking you’d advise “Use your head for somethin’ besides a hat rack.” See it’s been a long time, but I remember.
Hey Dad,… I’m a dad now too! Wish you could have been here when that one happened. I know you’d be so proud. She’s a keeper. We named her Bonnie. She looks like her mom. Oh yea, you missed that too didn’t you? Deb…. her name is Debbie. You’d like her a lot. She certainly has her hands full keeping me lined out, but I’m learning.

Wow!...learning.  It seems like I’ve spent my whole life learning, one lesson after another. You know the older I get the dumber I find out I am. When you were here I thought I had it all figured out. I was way off on that one. It all seemed so simple. I was young and naïve`. I remember things I said and did that I’m sure were great disappointments to you. Wish I could have figured that out sooner, so you could have known….
You wouldn’t believe how much I rely on everything you taught me during our short time together. I often wonder what else you had to share. I wonder if you had the same doubts and fears and questions that I so often struggle with. But our time was too short. So many questions unanswered so much that seems unfinished.

But it was great, the absolute best, the time we had together, all the wonderful memories you created for our family….and then it was time for you to rest.
Anyway Dad, I was thinking of you today. I do that a lot. I wish I could let you know. I wish I could tell you, one more time, I love you and I’m thankful to be your kid. I would love to hear your laugh once again and introduce you to my beautiful family.

This, and so much more I wish…and who knows…maybe, one day soon… day soon…

Love and miss you Dad,


  1. Okay, I'm sitting here in an absolute puddle of tears! I've always felt like you were robbed, losing dad at such a young age, such a vulnerable age for a young man. But it is obvious that the example he set and the time you and he did have together has served you well. I know he'd be MOST proud of you and the father that you are.

  2. I'm also sitting hear choked up. I know g pa would be so proud of his sons and daughter and their children and grand children. I only hope some day uncle Marc that I can be as courageous, loving, devoted and witty as you, uncle Allen and mom are. You all are truly so talented in many ways. I feel like life is for me right now a very big challenge and I'm now channelling my families blood to drive through it. Thank you Uncle Marc for your ramblings. I feel fortune and proud to call you my uncle. Xoxo

  3. They say that letter writing is a lost art, and though it may be rare these days you certainly prove here that it isn’t lost. This really is art Marc, and it was a joy to read. You have a talent and sincerity that is truly inspiring. Thank you for not keeping this gem just between you and your dad.

    And thank you for revealing the origin of the phrase “Use your head for somethin’ besides a hat rack.” Those encouraging words no doubt made the journey from Centerville to Tacoma inside of my dad’s “hat rack” because they were repeated to me many-many times during my formative years.