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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Cinderella

Piercing deep blue eyes. Waist length, golden locks draping her shoulders, and cascading down the pale pink gown.
She could have been an angel.

Her name was Cindy. Could it be short for Cinderella?
Was Walt right? Dreams really DO come true? Was I to be her Prince Charming?
My heart had stopped! (That can’t be good for you.) Then, just as quickly, it began to ascend out of my chest, ears drumming with each passionate thump. I had never experienced such depth of emotion.
It had to be love. First sight too.
My life was complete. We should certainly spend eternity together.

I approached…. Hesitated….”Come on P.C. go for it!” It was Walt.
Courage bolstered, my advance resumed. I stood face to face with magnificence.
Gasping for breath, bumbling for words, I croaked out “Hi.”
And this skank she was with said ‘Cu mon Cindy, let’s go.’ Real snotty like you know?!
They left me there, all alone.
She would not even give me the time of day. Well, maybe she couldn't.
That was something we were going to learn how to do that year in Kindergarten,
you know, tell time.

Be advised that ol’ P.C. was not deterred after that first dismal encounter. That had to have been the skanks fault, I rationalized.
Courage, determination, and perseverance were traits that Walt championed.
I would have my Princess.

Then one day at nap time I could not believe my good fortune. There, on the classroom floor, was an open spot next to my goddess.
Slyly, avoiding eye contact, I casually spread my magic carpet (Mom’s old bathroom rug) next to my fair-haired vision. I instantly laid down, being sure to face away in an effort to not look obvious or seem too pushy.
What peace, what joy, what exhilaration flooded my little being.
At last, we were together.
Oh for just one look.
Would she be looking at me? Would she be smiling? Would we talk?
With my sweetest smile I slowly turned to face her and….
She was gone!!
The little witch was gone!
She had up and moved her rug across the room leaving me there all alone, once again.
So what’s a guy to do?

What do you have to say about that one, Mr.D?

It is said: ‘It’s nice to be the King!’ That may be true.
But from my experience, Prince Charmings gig is highly overrated.

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