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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Silent Heros

Today the media is intoxicated with the news of Michael Jackson’s death.
They have and will continue to milk this for all they can squeeze. Michael led a controversial life. He was, some think, larger than life and may be considered larger than that in death.
So, then why did I choose the title, ‘Silent Heroes’?
Michael has been placed in hero status. He was far from silent. So is ‘hero’ a good fit?
I looked up ‘hero’ in Merriam’s. Sure enough there it was: ‘An object of extreme admiration and devotion.’ That does seem to apply. It is hard to ignore the effects his music and performances have had on millions of fans, worldwide. Their admiration and devotion is undeniable.
Hey, even I would love the ability to weightlessly moonwalk, fedora shading my eyes in the spot light. ;-)
Then there are ones who judge. Not much middle of the road in this incident. God himself reserves decree until judgment day. I feel much less qualified.
So do you personally know any Silent Heroes? I think you might be surprised.
Merriam also defined hero as: 'A man admired for his achievements and noble qualities.'
I think of those who volunteer at local animal shelters. Hearts breaking, each time they invest pieces of their personal lives that some fury souls might know the feeling of being held, cherished and loved, their sad eyes looking, perhaps for the first time, into tender eyes that deeply care.
The single mother who works two maybe three jobs that her children may have a better life, education and future than she.
He volunteers in a soup kitchen, handing out nourishment, comfort and hope.
Feet and back aching, in a darkened hospital room, a nurse comforts a homesick, frightened child.
Gazing into the brimming eyes of her student the teacher celebrates his success with him. "Remember this great feeling" she encourages, "Goals like this are SO possible, if you put forth the effort."
Those are what I call heroes!
Add your Silent Heroes to my list. Seek them and let them know how much they mean to you.
What an improved place our world would be if the headlines screamed the wonderful works of our Silent Heroes, if we thanked them for their quiet service.
Recently, a Viet Nam Vet was privately thanked for his service to his country and told ‘Welcome home soldier.’
A choked “Thank you” and tear filled eyes said it all.
So who are your Silent Heroes?
Will you let them know?
It’s never too late.
Would love to hear your thoughts.

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