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Monday, February 5, 2024

Out and about. Observation #2

 Number: 2? 

Perhaps this will become a short series...🤔 perhaps not. 🥴

I'm out to dine this evening at a family owned Mexican restaurant. Great place. Delicious food, excellent service and such fun Margaritas. 

As I had mentioned in series # 1. I have long been a people watcher. This is an extention of that proclamation. I'm still creeping around snooping..😉

I have also previously mentioned that I am not a preachy kinda guy. My sordid past makes me feel much too unqualified. However, I am a Believer. I also respect your right to choose whatever you choose to or not to believe.

I have a point here and it's getting close. My ADD has taken a side trip..

I am seated in a corner booth. As I face straight ahead I can see the occupants of the next 3 booths...boothes, Boothe, boothezs..

The one closest to me is a family of 3. 

As I glance up from my food I notice that this family of 3 all have their heads bowed, silent. Such a seldom seen public display of reverence was my 1st thought. 

I went back to eating for just a second....I look up again....

Then the 2nd thought, more of an awakening... they had just been on their phones.

There is no judgment here. How often this could have been me. However, once you lose the opportunity to gaze across the table at someone, or someones you love, then it becomes painfully aware at how precious and priceless those moments are. Whether missing an occasion to be thankful as a family or a moment to say, "you are the most important thing in my life. I do it all for you." Make sure they know. Remind them daily. Doubts creep in many times a day. Never let them wonder. Does he still love me? Am I still his number one?

Please be aware and tell them while the time is available. You will never regret it.

Oh yes, and don't just say it. Words are cheap and plentiful. Websters is chock full of them. "Action" is the key word.  Show them in dozens of small ways. Acts of kindness and service mean more than all the yammering you can come up with.

But please don't forget to say it. While doing those little acts would be the perfect time.

From Out and About its The Rambler. Out!

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  1. I hope there will be future “Out and Abouts”. We have so much to learn, to enjoy, and to glean from our observations of others. You have such an entertaining way of documenting your experiences. We can not only learn from what you share with us, but i believe it will encourage us, your readers , to become more aware, and more vigilant of the chances each of us has to make our own valuable observations. So keep those “Out snd Abouts” coming.