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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Out and About

 I am a people watcher. Have been for years. 

A few years ago I became a widower, almost 9 now. My desire to get out diminished substantially. I've been working on that. I have  taken a part time position as a restaurant host and am genuinely enjoying the social interaction and the lovely people that I work with.

I recently had reason to travel towards the nearby city and figured while out that I would go a couple of places that I had been thinking of...ones I used to frequent...frequently. 

1. A dining establishment. 

2. A shoe store. 

3. Barnes and Noble (no sponsorship) 

4. A sporting goods store.

Coffee and browsing were my primary destination at B&N. It had been a favorite destination for my wife and I. While it was enjoyable, it was not the same. May never have those exact feelings again. But never is a long, long time. 

Was it those feeling that made me notice, as I left, how unaware and  uninvolved couples were of their partners?

 Such missed opportunities to practice, display and exercise their love. How late in life I have made this a study. I wish that I had known, in time.

I share my thoughts to hopefully help others be more awake and aware to their chances. To be cognizant of how blessed they are to still have time. We can get more of almost everything...except time. Time is life. Life is opportunities.

I hope that you will choose to invest your time, invest your life, in the things, better yet the people, that matter to you the most. It is a discipline that you will never regret.

"Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons." ~ Jim Rohn

I recently read that:

Love is not just a feeling. 

Love is a practice. 

Get good at it!


  1. Well, this one really hit home for me! I take WAY too much for granted on a daily basis. ESPECIALLY my spouse. Thanks for this kind reminder of how valuable every day is.

  2. I love this. “Love is a practice.”. It’s not a noun, it’s a verb!