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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Now known as...

Success; We talk about it often. Each individual has an idea what it should look like. It means something a little different to each of us.
I woke this morning and a unique thought was drifting in my foggy noggin.
But, let's go back, back a couple of days in my experience.
In this short period I have both seen, in others, and experienced what I now believe to be one of the best ways to hear your success.
You are being introduced to someone. Your name somehow has become an unimportant factor in this introduction.
The introduction begins: "I want you to meet" or "This is...." now here's where it gets really good, your name is never mentioned!!
"This is (enter your child's name and then "mom" or "dad").
This is Sallys' mom!
BOOM! There it is!!
You are now known as your child's parent. They now have Top Billing! Their name has become a key to who you are, an identifying factor.
You have just heard your success.
What more can a parent wish for, what greater claim to success than raising a happy and fulfilled child.
Listen for it.
Relish your new title.
I think you will enjoy the sound.


  1. I love how your mind works! Never would I have given a single thought to what you have just brought to light! I will be very anxious to hear how I am introduced to my next new acquaintance. I am sure it will be interesting and enlightening!

  2. Uncle Marc, I will always admire and cherish your ability to articulate the beauty in the intangible things life offers us. It's obvious, your curious yet brilliant nature reaches a depth that most aren't even aware is there. But what's even more astonishing is how your profoundness is always paired so nicely with your humor and witt.