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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th 2012

I have been thinking alot, today, about our freedom and liberty. I for one have not shown the gratitude that I should for these blessings. I believe the most genuine way to show that gratitude is to USE, really use, those gifts of freedom and liberty to the best of our abilities.
Our countrymen have died because they understood the true meaning and value of what we have here.
We as a nation, I believe, have the responsibilty to use our God given gifts to uphold His standards. I believe that we have prospered as a nation for that very purpose.
Whether you agree or disagree, in this country, it's OK. Because this is America.
We have the freedom of choice here, just as our forefathers and God himself deemed best.
May we each, and as a nation, choose wisely.

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