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Saturday, July 9, 2011

More alike than different

One had a small load of laundry to do. 
Three were headed to Kalamazoo. 
An older gentleman teased the young waitress.

The randomness of life delivered me to Salem in the land of Lincoln, for breakfast, this morning. I had no plans or idea that I would be present for these conversations at Denny's. But as I eavesdropped it occurred to me that this scenario was most likely playing out across this country. 

With that thought, it became clear that we really are all, quite similar. Each with our own hopes and dreams, heartaches and challenges. Some taking for granted the fact that the ones they love are sitting right next to them, for me much too far from those closest to my heart. 

Have a listen for yourself. See if the voices you hear sound familiar, in their content. Each are unique yet alike, simultaneously. 

Deep down the majority want the same thing. 
In spite of our differences in politics, religion, philosophy...we want the best for each of us.

From Abe's backyard I honestly wish for you 'The Best'.

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  1. Great observations Marc, and a wonderful reminder of what is really important in life… “each other”