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Friday, March 19, 2010

Your opine, Please.

I have for you, this evening, a question.
I love good questions, don't you?
I think ( oh! a clue to the question already ) I think this is a really good question. One with potential for debate of what you believe (yet another clue?).
Hopefully you will feel inclined to take part in this just for fun, while learning, project.
No answer will be considered wrong. Can't say I will brand any right, either.
Just a terrific opportunity to get your thinker thinking. We really do very little true thinking, you know...or at least that's what I think.
Earl Nightingale thought so too.
" Most people, if they said what they were thinking, would be speechless"; that's what Earl said.
So enough blaa blaa, here's your question.
Do your thoughts create your beliefs, or do your beliefs create your thoughts?
That's it.
So, what do you think and believe, or believe and think?
Perhaps you are thinking...He's really lost it this time, and that's OK.
Believe or think what you will.
I eagerly await your speculation and pontification.
I think ( there I go again ) believe this should be really fun.
So have fun!!
Post your answer in the comment/reply section below.
And as always, sincerely, thanks for reading and now playing along.


  1. BTW. I was the one who clicked the "Made Me Think " box. I couldn't let you off that easy.

  2. Hi Marc!
    Oh boy, that’s a real chicken and egger. I would say that my beliefs create my thoughts, and I say that because I have just a few core beliefs, and I have a million thoughts every day. My thoughts are so many, and sometimes so abstract that I don’t know how they could create anything as simple as my beliefs. In fact, if I listened too much to my thoughts, I wouldn’t know what to believe (I think!)

  3. Okay, little brother, where DO you come up with this stuff? Does your brain ever rest?

    I must admit, this is a very interesting query, so I obviously checked the "made me think" box. I also checked the "funny" box because, as is oftentimes the case, I found myself amused by your cleverly written "rambling"!

    And now to the question.....

    ...I immediately thought this is a no brainer! Of course my beliefs dictate my thoughts. But then, I began to think....and guess what, doubt crept in....I recalled instances where my thoughts had attempted to sway my beliefs, and more often than not, for selfish reasons. You know, how we rationalize or try to "think" of ways to make a compromise! But my ingrained beliefs have stood firm, they are what they are. You may have picked up on the fact that, in my mind, my beliefs and my conscience are directly related.

    And so, there you have it, my answer is YES, I am quite sure that I believe my beliefs dictate my thoughts....

    ....oh hell, here I go thinking again....maybe I'm not so sure!!! Thanks for confusing me just when I was feeling so smug and sage....I really thought I had it all figured out!

    Randy, I think YOU might be right!!


  4. I meant to say, Randy, you might be right about the "chicken/egger thing".

  5. Marc I would say my beliefs create my thoughts. As I get older on this journey of life I find the more knowledge I aquire about a subject will incline me to change my thoughts on my beliefs. So in turn my thoughts and beliefs are on a constast path of growth and change.

  6. " I admit, thoughts influence your body." Albert Einstein

    " The brain has three natural roadblocks that stand in the way of truly innovative thinking:
    1. Flawed Perception
    2. Fear of Failure
    3. The innability to persuade others." Dr. Gregory Berns

    "As a man thinks in his heart, so he is" Solomon

    "We see, hear, feel, taste and smell our enviorment with 100 million sensory receptors, but --because of our 10,000 billion synapses, with which we think and ponder and imagine - we are approximately 100,000 times more capable of experience in the invisible world of the mind than in the physical world that surrounds us." Roy H. Williams

    So you ask the question, " Do your thoughts create your beliefs? Or "Do you beliefs create your thoughts?"

    Poised and perched at opposite ends of the tetortotter, sit the fraternal twins. Up and down. Each with their own DNA, each seperate, yet of the same birth.

    Albert says, thoughts influence your body. The Doctor says, get by the 3 roadblocks and experience innovative thinking.. The wisest man in history says, think in your heart and you are.. And Roy, well, he says, we are better equiped to live in imaginary worlds rather than where you and I sit right now.
    Is a mothers love a thought or belief? Just ask a child if they know their mothers love. Can you think yourself into a patriotic act.. Probably not.

    I say, balancing beliefs and thoughts is an undaunting task. A task worthy of continual practice. An artist chooses the colors and expresses them in his own artistic balance.. just as we attempt to balance the twins on our own tetortotter.. At times up, at times down, always in the middle when heading either way..

    Thanks for asking. By the way, are you thinking or believing creatively.

    Bobby McGee

  7. Mark! I'm too busy making movies than ponder for 3 or 4 hours on a question I couldn't get right anyway.

  8. Marc I spelled your name wrong


  9. Fred, Not sure there is a right or wrong answer here. The exciting part of your post is 'The Doing.' You are doing. Not just thinking and talking ...but actually doing something. Something creative. My hats off to you.

  10. I believe my thoughts hold more sway over my beliefs than vice versa for without the ability to think would I even have any beliefs?Keep asking me questions like this and you will drive me drink! Wait a minute I can drive myself. Dee

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  12. Okay, I was thinking about this again the other day (Yes, it’s become a nagging question,) and I’m coming around to a new way of thinking (or should I say believing?) My first answer was just too quick and easy, like yelling out EGG! ..before even thinking, hmm chicken?

    The easiest way for me to explain it is like this: Each of our beliefs is like a cake. The thoughts that create each “cake” are all the various ingredients inside of it. Just like a real cake, a belief made from scratch (i.e. reading, studying, contemplating, etc.) is better than one made from a mix (i.e. watching TV,) and much better than one bought at the store (i.e. watching FOX TV) …sorry, I couldn’t help myself ;)

    The part that threw me off at first was thinking that my million different thoughts couldn’t possibly create a sound belief any more than stuffing everything from the kitchen cupboards into the oven could possibly make a very good cake. Ah, but that’s where the cookbook comes in. Read a good cookbook! …and remember the best recipe’s always come from grandma (and mom and dad weren’t bad cooks either.) Yes, you’ll tweak the recipes a little to suit your own taste, but don’t settle for anything you wouldn’t be proud to serve to company. Most importantly, remember to pass down your best recipes to your children. If you take the time to teach them right, you won’t have to worry when you see them adding a few ingredients of their own. You’ll know the cake is going to turn out just fine. That’s what I believe Uncle Marc.

    So remember, each year when the family is gathered around you and you’re blowing out the candles, you don’t have to wish for anything. Just be thankful for all the “good cake.”

  13. What an excellent analogy, the cake. This has been such fun for me and I hope for each of the participants. Guess this is like life in a way. It's ok to watch, but it is so much more rewarding when you get in the game. Of course there will be bruises and failures, but the 'life' is in the game, not in the bleachers. And I am gratefull and thankful each day for the 'cake' with which I have been so richly blessed.