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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whats my Potential? Perspective?

If I were to wander through a cemetery, what undeveloped potential might I pass, on my walk? Dormant words of hope, comedy or challenge, songs unwritten or unsung lying beneath the sod?

You say, 'But you don't understand the difficulties they had the struggles they endured. Life was too cruel; they could barely survive. The benevolent hand of God seemed to pass them by, without pausing.'

Life indeed seems unjust at times. I have attended many pity parties, myself the only guest. And then came a change in perspective.

I have learned that it is in our trials, troubles and tribulations that life develops meaning. Now that doesn't mean I like it or wish for more, but if I am paying attention the lesson is there. In times of illness, love will abound from places untold. In other difficulties, help springs.

We all have our burdens to bear and with some educated perspective our journey may reveal unprecedented joy, fulfilment and spirit.

Take a moment to get a tissue...

Got it?

Watch the video below and be filled with encouragement.

It has been said; "Most people are buried with their music still in them."

What is your potential?

How is your perspective?

Why are you waiting?

Patrick isn't.


  1. A beautiful video....and your comments are thought provoking and right on!!! Thanks for the nudge! Sis

  2. In a society that so often worships a perverse version of success it’s nice to be reminded that real success isn’t all about beating the competition, beating the system, beating your opponents, even beating your neighbors in order to accumulate trophies, wealth, and acclaim. Real success is beating the odds, and sharing your gifts. Marc, thank you for a very thought provoking introduction to a wonderful video!

  3. Each person has their individual idea of what success is. I personally agree that it is more about serving, giving, helping, encouraging.
    Little to do with competition. How have I affected those in my life? You can't help others rise without getting closer to the peak yourself. When we take the focus off ourselves everything will begin to fall into place.